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You're pretty fucking swell

you’re pretty swell yourself, “anon”


i don’t understand how people get so attractive like wtf take a break it’s annoying 

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"We’re preparing you for the real world"

I don’t meant to alarm you but

the real world has calculators

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do you ever look at your url and go “hell yeah”

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YOLO: you only live online


i dont know whats emptier, my bank account or my love life

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to all my spanish speaking followers:  hola

to all my non-spanish speaking followers who feel left out:  don’t worry, I just said “hello”.  maybe someday you too can grasp another language

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do you care about people with ocd? bipolar disorder? schizophrenia? autism? any other disorder besides unipolar depression and anxiety? all the “odd” and “scary” behaviors that they may exhibit? do you include them in your posts or do you only defend people with mental illnesses that dont make you uncomfortable?

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You know a TV show is awesome when it has more Emmy nominations than episodes.

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